Making a change stick!

 Whether you are a manager or an individual contributor, it seems like change is a never ending part of your job.  With a competitive market, no wonder that is the case.  I found this great article about tips on how to, not only, make a change, but also how to make it stick.  

Check out this article:

Developing women in the workplace, is it different from that of men at your workplace?

I found this very interesting TedTalk by Susan Colantuono, The Career Advice You Problably Didn't Get.  She states that women represent 50% of middle management, yet the number of women at the top of the organization is less than 1/3 of that number.  She shares her insight of why that could be...different approaches of professional development.  Check out the TedTalk and tell me how it reflects professional development in your workplace. 


Jack Welch sharing 10 Leadership Lessons...

Have you ever wanted to get into a great leader's mind and find out what it takes to be a great leader?  Check out this great article by Jack Welch sharing his 10 Leadership Lessons:

Agile vs. Management, where does your company stand?

I read this article today titled "Why Do Managers Hate Agile?" 

What is Agile? This exact question got me reading the following article. Check out the article discussing both Agile and Management and the different approaches to business.