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5 Key Factors to Consider in the Job Search Process (Free Webinar)

Please join me and Carolyn Reinholdt, founder of Talent Maven Recruiting Firm, in our first FREE webinar collaboration.  The webinar is intended to help job seekers be more effective in their job search.  To register for the live event or receive a recording of the replay click on the following link.  Register


  • Learn why it is important to be prepared to discuss what you are looking for and why you are the perfect candidate
  • Understand the Purpose of a Cover Letter and Resume - learn how to wow them by including the right content and excluding the wrong content
  • Discover why it is important to utilize online resources that can maximize your job search
  • Recognize why networking is so important to the job search process.
  • Uncover why examining a job/company for fit is important

For more information please send an email to