The world we live in today requires us to play well with others.  How great would it be to understand ourselves and those with whom we interact?  That is exactly what the Birkman Method addresses.
The Birkman Method provides an in-depth look at:

  • Usual Behavior – Your most productive self

  • Underlying Needs – What you need from others to be productive

  • Stress Behavior – How you behave when your needs are not met

  • Interests – Your preferences

  • Occupational  - Job families and job titles that fit your interests

  • Management Styles – How you lead others

  • Work Environment – The work environment that best fits you

Services include: 

  • Online Birkman Assessment 

  • Debrief 90 minute session 

  • Team facilitation session to help identify individual and team preferences as well as identifying how work/tasks can be delegated effectively

Contact rona.careerandlifecoach@gmail.com for further details.