Welcome to the Women of Wine 14 Day Challenge

Welcome to the 14 day challenge!  I am so excited that you have taken a step toward a more balanced you!  Below you will find a plan for the next 14 days.  Each day will include options of what you can do during your "me time".  For Day 1, you will spend a few minutes scheduling your "me time".  Remember that this is new, so your old brain will try and resist this.  Your inner critic will trigger you to resist this change.  Push through this urge and tell yourself, "I am worth it".  If you are still resisting it, take a couple of minutes and write down why, then email it to me at rona.careerandlifecoach@gmail.com.  Enjoy and be in the present moment.

~Coach Rona

Day 1:  For day one, all tasks are required to be completed.

  • Carve out some time each day for "me time" so you can have time for the 14 day challenge.
  • Schedule a time (it is listed as the "to do" for day 7) to connect with your accountability partner(s) you connected with at the workshop.  This can be a call or an email check in.
  • Schedule a final call for day 14 with your accountability partner(s). [total 30 minutes]

Day 2:  

  • Breathing Guided Meditation:  http://marc.ucla.edu/mpeg/01_Breathing_Meditation.mp3 [5 minutes]
  • Go for a 20-minute walk [20 minutes]
  • Check in with your thought founders.  Who is in charge?  The Inner Critic?  Inner Child?  Inner Compass?  Replace the Critic with the Compass and lead your thoughts with compassion and kindness. [10 minutes]

Day 3: Both actions are required in day 3

  • Review your work schedule and try to build a 10 minute window after your meetings.  This is important so you can have some time to review the follow up actions after each meeting.  So often we have back to back meetings and don't allocate time for follow up action items.  This step will help you take time to at least write down what needs to be done and add it to your calendar rather than doing it all at the end of the day.  The longer you wait the less fresh the information becomes, so you might forget or not recall as successfully. [15 minutes]
  • Add the 10 minutes to your calendar after each meeting, if possible.  If not, try to use this method for future meetings. [10 minutes]

Day 4:

Day 5:

  • When you wake up, take a moment and think about how you want your day to go.  Write a statement about your day.  Example: "There is a positive side to everything.  I will consciously look for it."   Our mind is so malleable, it will follow our thoughts and try to validate them.  So if you say today will not be fun, then your mind will scan the environment to validate that.  You can experience 5 positive things and 1 negative thing that day and your mind will pick up the negative.  What is your statement of the day? [10 minutes]
  • List 4 amazing things about yourself. [5 minutes]

Day 6: For day 6, the first task is required to be completed and the second is optional.

Day 7: For day 7, the first task is required to be completed and the second is optional.

  • Check in with your accountability partner.  How are things going?  What are the challenges?  What are the benefits? [15 minutes]
  • Journal your progress. [15 minutes]

Day 8: 

Day 9: 

  • Reconnect with the passion in your work.  Don't focus on what you HAVE to do, rather on what you WANT to do.  Journal this process or create a statement for you to be conscious about throughout the day. [5 minutes]
  • Body Scan Guided Meditation:  http://marc.ucla.edu/mpeg/Body-Scan-Meditation.mp3 [3 minutes]

Day 10:

  • Do a re-write of a past experience you were not happy with.  A rewrite gives you an opportunity to explore a past situation and think about what you would like to have done differently.  It also helps you think about how you would handle it today.  Click here for instructions. [15 minutes]
  • Body Scan Guided Meditation for Sleep:  http://marc.ucla.edu/mpeg/Body-Scan-for-Sleep.mp3 [9 minutes]

Day 11:

  • Take a walk and reflect on the positive aspects of your day.  What are you grateful for?  Who are you grateful for? [10 minutes]
  • Sympathetic Breathing Guided Meditation:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7wFX9Wn70eM [9 minutes]

Day 12: I suggest doing both.  You can start with the first, then schedule out time for the second.

  • Review the tasks at home.  What is it that you want to do and what is it that you have to do?  Explore the "have to dos" and journal why YOU have to do these tasks.  Are there alternatives?  Can someone else help with these tasks?  If no, why? [15 minutes]
  • Have a discussion with those who can help you with these tasks. [30 minutes]

Day 13:

  • Circle of Support:  The circle of support is a group of people in your life that help you when you are in need to resolve challenges or just vent.  Think about the people in your life?  Who is in your support circle?  Who can be in your circle of support? [15 minutes]
  • Create a circle of support for yourself.  Reach out to those who support you personally and/or professionally and either schedule a time to meet with one or two of them or write them a thank you note.  If you choose to write them a thank you note, be sure to include why they are important to you and then make time to meet with him/her (you can start by picking one person) and read them your thank you note and give it to them.  This exercise is amazing to both individuals.  Gratitude expands our happiness and it also expands that of the person you give the letter to. [45 minutes]

Day 14:  

  • Connect with your accountability partner.  Check in to see how things are going?  What were the challenges?  What were the benefits?  What would you like to continue doing?  [30 minutes]
  • Review your Life Balance Vision statement you created at the workshop.  How can you continue your journey to align with your vision? [15 minutes]
  • Send me a note!  I love to hear from people I worked with. (optional, but would love to hear from you!) 

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