One-on-one coaching:

  • Assist individuals in identifying a career direction and aiding with the creation of a road map including establishing goals, tasks, milestones and timelines toward achieving goal

  • Assist individuals at a crossroad (personal or professional) by exploring multiple options and identifying the correct path

  • Build confidence and self-awareness within my clients, utilizing various methods (e.g., Psych-K method, tapping, etc.) to accomplish goals (e.g., weight loss, career change)

  • Assist individuals in identifying their usual behavior and stress trigger points to ensure effective communication

Organization/Corporate Coaching:

  • Facilitate and Coach 360 Degree Feedback

    • Individual Sessions

    • Team Sessions

  • Facilitate Process Improvement initiatives

  • Workshops:

    • Team Building

    • Leadership Behavioral Consciousness

    • Servant Leadership

    • Leader in Each of Us

    • Interpersonal Communication

    • Advance Leaders in Organizations

    • Frontline Manager:  What You Need to Know to Succeed

    • Stress Reduction Workshop

  • HR Consulting Services:

    • HR Policies

    • Training & Development

    • Safety Compliance

    • Recruiting

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