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Direct Line: 209|495|1121 or 415|294|1165


Hours: Monday - Saturday, 9 am to 6 pm

Location: 1425 Fillmore Street, San Francisco, CA  94115

A little about me- Rona Daneilo, M.A.
I have spent the last fifteen years in the Human Resources field, learning about human behavior and understanding what drives individuals toward success.  My roles have included:  trainer, coach, recruiter, and manager.  I have worked with wonderful organizations, such as EJ Gallo Winery, McLane Company, TWE and UCSF, providing coaching and training services to individuals as well as teams, with the intent of advancing leaders, building strong relationships and eliminating communication gaps.  

My experience has also included working privately with clients in one-on-one sessions to help identify “next steps” in both personal and professional life transitions (career change, wellness, stress management, etc.). Throughout my journey, I have designed and utilized amazing resources to help guide clients toward the achievement of their goals.


  • Master’s Degree in Psychology

  • Certified Facilitator - Birkman Method Assessment

  • 360 Degree Feedback Coach - Center for Creative Leadership

  • Certified Facilitator - Achieve Global Training Programs

  • Certified Facilitator - Psych-K

Believe, implement and accomplish, that is how it can be done!


"Rona helped me with a huge career and life change decision about 8 weeks ago. We talked through all the important pieces, she had me really think through the process and challenged me to take different angles. Then when curve ball was thrown at me, I knew what to do. I was at ease through the change knowing I had thought of all of these things already. I appreciate Rona and her help more than words can explain! Thank you!" Nicole Sean Kepler

"Rona helped me with my business school application essays and interviews. I couldn't have gotten in without her. I knew what I wanted and to me it seemed obvious, but I couldn't express it clearly. There were a lot of direct and tough questions. Rona called me out whenever I skirted around an answer that I didn't know or hadn't thought of before. In the end I felt very confident about what I wanted to do, why I wanted to do it and how to clearly and succinctly express those ideas. I highly recommend Rona and would gladly do it all over again"  Roe Rogers

"I would recommend Rona to anyone who is need of career direction. I found her coaching to be insightful and right on target with where I was at. She was able to help me in a way that has lead me on a path towards success. Thanks For your coaching I tell everyone about you."  Amy L.

"Rona has worked with many different professionals and has a great deal of knowledge in many areas of business. Her passion for developing people continues to amaze me. She coaches with her wit but shares with her heart. After speaking with her, you always feel better about yourself and find inner courage to go after what you deserve. She is my #1 go-to person when I need to have a discussion about my career development." Ramena I.