Habits of Happy People

I recently listened to Martin Seligman's TedTalk, The New Era of Positive Psychology, because so many people ask me how to increase happiness and/or satisfaction in their life.  Research now shows ways we can increase our satisfaction or happiness, by looking at habits of positive people.

Here is a list of the most common habits:

  • Building relationships:  connecting and sharing with people.
  • Kindness:  doing or caring for others
  • Exercise:  regular exercise releases chemicals (Endorpins) which trigger positive feelings.
  • Flow/Strengths:  reaching goals and challenging ourselves around our skills and strengths.
  • Spirituality/Meaning:  this can be religion or finding a greater meaning in our lives.
  • Positive Mindset:  gratitude, find ways to appreciate all that you have (small or large)

I challenge each of you this week to incorporate one (or more) of these habits into your daily routine.